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New Load of Parts!

Posted on September 30, 2016 by Tucker Hartman

Got a new load of parts in, which includes TONS of used and NOS items from a large range of years. Let us know what you're looking for!

1989 Porsche March Indy Car

Posted on September 08, 2016 by Tucker Hartman

Fabi would return to Indy car racing in 1988 with Porsche Motorsports in their #8 Quaker State March 88P-Porsche Indy V8. Despite the setbacks Fabi would get a best finish of 4th at the Bosch Spark Plug Grand Prix at Pennsylvania International Raceway. Fabi's return to the Indianapolis 500 was also disappointing as Fabi qualified 17th and finished 30th after losing a wheel after 30 laps. Fabi would finish the season ranked 10th in points with 44 points.

In 1989 Fabi would return with Porsche Motorsports in the #8 Quaker State March 89P-Porsche Indy V8. At the Indianapolis 500 Fabi qualified in 13th place and again finished in 30th place after retiring due to ignition problems after 23 laps. At the final two races of the season, the Firestone Indy 225 at Pennsylvania International Raceway and the Champion Spark Plug 300K at Laguna Seca Raceway, Fabi would retire due to handling issues at Nazareth and a crash at Laguna Seca. At the end of the season Fabi finished 4th in points with 141 points.

Fabi would return with Porsche Motorsports in 1990 to drive their #4 Foster's/Quaker State March 90P-Porsche Indy V8. In January Porsche's competitors voted against the use of the car and as a result Porsche had to use year-old March 89P chassis.[1] Fabi would manage to qualify 7th at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on the Streets of Long Beach and would finish 10th. A new March 90P would start being used at the Indianapolis 500 and Fabi would start in 23rd place and retire in 18th place due to transmission problems after 162 laps. In the race Fabi crashed after 7 laps and finished in 27th place and also led for one lap.

The Indy Car


Al Holbert's Crew Uniform



Some Interesting Quaker State History & Documentation

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3


Porsche's Quest for Indy

Indy Car on the way!

Finally Here!

@Mid-Ohio in 1989

1989 March Indy Car

Aase Sales @ Laguna Seca Raceway

Posted on January 19, 2016 by Tucker Hartman

Aase Sales' President, Ron Thomas, running his Daytona Proto-type fabcar during warm-up at the Laguna Seca raceway in California. Relax and take a look at some of the track footage captured during this warm-up.




Aase Sales' Quarter Midget

Posted on January 08, 2016 by Tucker Hartman

We know no bounds when it comes to the racing industry, and into the Quarter Midget fields we entered. Quarter Midgets are approximately 1/4th the size of a regular Midget, hence the name Quarter Midget. Quarter Midgets run on a single cylinder engine, and in our case a Honda 120, but don't let that convince you that these cars don't have any power. Many high-competition Quarter Midgets reach upwards of 45 MPH, which is insanely quick in respect to the courses they are racing on.

Sponsored by AERO Advanced Paint Technology, this Bull Rider Quarter Midget has applied to it a new, innovative form of painting. AERO Advanced Paint Technology is not only environmentally friendly, but it also implicates an increase in performance. AERO Advanced Paint weighs less than traditional applications because it simply requires less to do the job. Traditional sprayed paint applications often require multiple layers of coating, AERO film-based paint applique is a one-coat process.

Not only is it light-weight, it is also aero-dynamic. AERO Advanced Paint Technology in its final form is one one-thousandth of an inch. Not only this, but AERO Advance Paint also just looks sleek and futuristic, it is described as liquid metal. How cool is that?!


Take a look at a few pictures we have now of the Quarter Midget, and check back later for some updates!



Quarter Midget in Action


The Aase Sales' Quarter Midget Wins!

Aase Sales' sponsored Quarter Midget takes 1st place at the Columbus fair-grounds Quarter Midget Races.

1958 Speedster @ Put-in-Bay Raceway

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Tucker Hartman

Donna Dreher heading to the Put-in-Bay race-way with an exquisite 1958 Speedster.

Her father, Don Dreher, purchased the '58 Speedster from Michigan SCCA racers Jack and Rusty Fitts of Dearborn, MI in 1961. He raced the car at many of the local Midwest/Eastern US tracks-Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen, Road America, Indianapolis Raceway Park, et cetera. 


The Speedster was raced until 1967 when the SCCA changed the rules governing the height of roll bars for E-Production. Her father apparently had no intention of altering the roll bar (the alterations would not have allowed the Speedster top to accommodate the roll bar in its secured position).

Porsche 1991 Formula One Race-Car

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Tucker Hartman

The Porsche 3512 was a motor racing engine designed by Porsche for use in Formula One in the early 1990s.

Porsche had left Formula One at the end of 1987 after four years supplying TAG-badged turbo engines to the McLaren team, but decided to return two years later with a view to creating a V12 engine for the newly introduced 3.5-litre normally-aspirated regulations (hence this engine's designation of 3512). After a partnership with the small Onyx team was suggested, in early 1990 the company signed a four-year deal with Footwork Arrows, to commence in 1991.

The 3512 was designed by Porsche veteran Hans Mezger, and had an 80-degree V-angle and a power take-off from the centre of the engine. The latter had been a feature of the flat-12 Type 912 engine (also designed by Mezger) in the Porsche 917 sports car of the early 1970s, but was unusual for Formula One.

Here is the “Footwork Arrows FA11C”  1991 formula one car we recently added to our collection of various Porsche models:

The Formula One


The Engine

Dario Franchitti Visits Aase Sales!

Posted on August 03, 2015 by Brad Miller

Dario Franchitti was in town for an Indy event at Mid-Ohio and needed some parts for his 911. Dario decided to stop on by and pick them up personally, and we gave him a tour around the facility. Our quality and service lives up to the greatest of expectations, even those of famous Indy-car drivers!

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