1970 917LMK Tribute


Porsche 917K

The 917K could be considered one of Porsche's most legendary models, with only 46 examples ever produced. Of those 46 models there were seven different variations of the engine that were ran and nearly 20 variations of the bodywork. These models competed far and wide throughout about 90 different races from Le Mans to smaller time events winning 34 of them. Only counting the 24 International Championship for Makes races the 917K won 15 of them. With a track record like that you'd begin to think how much time, preparation and money went into the development - and expensive it was, at about $5.5 million dollars for the whole kit and caboodle. This would mean at the time each 917K was worth about $125,000 - if only you could pick one up for that now!

1970 Porsche 917LMK Tribute

Although not a real 917K it was done well enough that we get asked that question from time to time, 'is that really a 917 over there hiding in the corner?!' 

Equipped with a 460 HP, 3.6L RSR engine - the Daytona version is distinguishable by the airplane cockpit-type window over the driver's head. With a top speed of 250 MPH this feature was needed to allow the driver to see slower cars as it moved from flat to banked racing surfaces.