1973 Brumos RSR Replica


The 1973 RSR

What did Porsche think it took to make the 911 into a winning race car? Well there were a couple obvious alterations such as the fiberglass front bumper, central air intake for the oil cooler, roll-bar, fire extinguisher, a 110 liter plastic tank (or +$1,500.00 for the 120 liter option), a safety racing-harness and seat, and a 10K tachometer just to name a few.

Some actual mechanical upgrades: 917 brake discs and 4-piston calipers, upgraded RS engine - 2mm larger bore, higher compression ratio, cam timing more radical; fuel injection re-calibrated. 

Our 1973 911 Brumos RSR Replica

It started off as a casual conversation among three gentlemen at a special dinner for new owners of the limited edition Brumos 997 Cup cars. Hurley Haywood and Bill Warner, founder of Amelia Island Concours show, were asking Ron Thomas, president of Aase Sales, if he knew of any replicas of the RSR Haywood originally ran at the 24 Hours.

Ron did not, but he had been thinking about taking on another RSR project. What better project than a '73 RSR tribute to Haywood? If you asked anyone else to do this project in the span of 3 months, a blink of the eye in the restoration world, they would have probably looked at you and laughed. Ron? He said no problem.