1964 Porsche 356 SC Coupe


Porsche 356 C/SC

 The final revision on the 356 model was introduced in 1964 and dubbed as the 356 C. Among the revisions were disc brakes all around, as well as an option for what was at the time Porsche's most powerful push-rod engine - the 95 HP "SC". Although production peaked in the introductory year, the 356 C and SC were still sold throughout North America in 1965 due to a steady, high demand for the model. Despite ending production largely in 1965, ten 356 C cabriolets were assembled for the Dutch police force in early 1966. These models marked the end of an era, ushering us into arguably one of the most iconic periods in time for Porsche - the 911 series.


Togo Brown 1964 356SC Coupe VIN # 217735

Except for some mechanical items, this car is just as it was when it was first delivered from the factory to Dr. Benov of Fresno, California in 1964:

-Factory paint
-Original engine and transmission
-Original chrome
-Original glass
-Original rubber
-Original hubcaps & crests
-Original upholstery [aside from new padding in front seats]
-Original headliner
-Original tool-kit
-Original literature including driver's manual and service booklet
-Original date stamped 4 1/2'' chrome wheels

    Although this SC is in incredible shape for being all original with 102,000 miles on it I often hear dissatisfaction, "but... Togo Brown?" It is one of those things that are just an acquired taste. Looking back on one of the conversations a prior owner had with his friend before purchasing the 356 seems to ring very true. His friend told him, "If you buy this car, you need to repeat the following phrase several times a day -- 'I love brown, I love brown, I love brown....'"