Aase Bros 1979 #64 GTU


1979 911 IMSA GTU #64

 Saying there is a lot of history in this car is an under-statement, so I will try to keep it short and sweet while glossing over the main details for those out of the loop. Originally a sort of salvage car this chassis was dreamed up as a sleek race-car for the IMSA series. The Aase brothers Dennis and Randall did everything in their power to modify the 911 chassis into a formidable foe on the track. Acid dipped almost into oblivion, equipped with light-weight parts such as a nice aluminum pedal cluster from a 935, altered suspension and adjustable heights, specially designed aerodynamics with the aid of an aerospace aerodynamicist - all of these focal points and many more helped make the #64 GTU the car it is today.

After being fairly successful against stiff competition in the IMSA series the GTU car was sold off to an amateur racer. The GTU car saw the track a few more times before retiring out of sight for the years to come. A few years before its 'surprise reveal' at Laguna Seca current owner of Aase Sales, Ron Thomas, found the GTU car for sale on a Porsche forum site. A few messages later and the car was in his hands, awaiting restoration and its subsequent debut at Rennsport Reunion.