1947 Volkswagen Beetle


Post-War VW Beetle Production:

After World War II the Allies sought to partially or completely pastoralize Germany, part of this pastoralization included greatly limiting, or ceasing altogether, automotive production.

Volkswagen production, almost wiped out completely by an unexploded bomb wedged in-between irreplaceable equipment, was reinstated with an initial order of 20,000 cars for the British army. This helped fill the vacuum of much needed jobs within Germany and consequently pushed Volkswagen forward in continuing production. Under new management Heinz Nordhoff was able to drastically increase production output, reviving Volkswagen from a near-dead automotive manufacturer and pumping out the one-millionth Volkswagen only a short decade after the war.

Our 1947 VW Beetle:

This is a great example of the first year post-war Volkswagen Beetle available to the public - only 9,000 built! Originally sold to the US Army Exchange Service in Frankfurt, Germany. Later sold to a US service man and shipped to Colorado.
1131 CC flat 4-cylinder engine, 25 hp; top speed of 60 MPH. 4-speed non-synchronized transmission; cable breaks.