1989H Reynard


Reynard Motorsports, originally based across from Reynard Park in Brackley, England, was one of the world's largest racing car manufacturers. Adrian Reynard began production in 1973 as Sabre Automotive Ltd. Their business was centered mostly on the lower formula racer series. The company quickly acquired a reputation for building very competitive racers with many winning their inaugural races. Soon the marque was creating vehicles for Formula 3, Formula 3000, Champ Car, and Formula 1. In total there were around 220 examples of the Formula 3000 racers created by Reynard Motorsports between 1988 and 1985.

 The Reynard model 89 was contructed in 1989 and used in Formula Ford 1600 competition. The Reynard 90H was constructed in 1990 and used in Formula Atlantic competition. The 91H was constructed in 1991 and the 92H in 1992.

Take a look at the images below, notice the iconic Reynard the Fox with flames shooting out from behind him - oh wait, that's his tail!