1976 911 Turbo Carrera


1976-77 - The 3.0L Turbo Series

"In all of Porsche history, it's the most advanced model we have ever introduced." A car of the track and of the town, the Turbo Carrera series features a breath-taking acceleration of 0 to 60 in a mere 5.7 seconds. Quite the feat for sports cars of the time. Topping out at speeds well over 150 MPH it was born for the track, but the Turbo Carrera was also built with practicality in mind. Extra-wide, high-speed VR tires allow nimble maneuverability whether it is a lap around the track or a simple after-noon cruise through the town.

Not only practical, the Turbo Carrera also catered to the luxurious side of things as well. In fact, many of the Turbo Carrera's standard features were not even available as options on other cars. Talk about exclusivity! A few items, such as special sports seats, limited slip differentials and electric sliding sunroofs were left optional as these are strictly a matter of choice. The rest, such as tinted glass, an electric rear window wiper, a genuine leather interior, quartz clocks and much more, were considered "standard features".

Marathon Blue Metallic 1976 911 Turbo Carrera 3.0 Chassis #350 / VIN #9306800350

This Turbo Carrera is example 350 of only 530 1976 US built 3.0L Turbo Carreras making it an exceptionally rare model type. Initially beginning its life as a track-star this Turbo Carrera was brought out to tracks around the United States and auto-crossed frequently at local tracks like Mid Ohio. Passing from its original owner it eventually landed into the hands of its current owner, Ron Thomas - President of Aase Sales LLC. Now she sits in the museum sporting an extremely low 20,000 all original miles. The pristine condition of the interior and exterior goes to show what it means to have such low original mileage. Its metallic Marathon Blue exterior paint is greatly complimented by the blue-black genuine leather interior.