1973 911 Carrera RS & 2011 911 GT3RS


The RS Models

Arguably the most iconic model of the Porsche, the Carrera RS was originally designed as a 911-derived race model. Although this being true, the Carrera RS was more than capable of also being easily driven on street roads. True to their philosophy, and that is with any of their cars - aside from purely race-competition models - they could also be used for day-to-day transportation.

Of course at this period of time within the United States the EPA regulations on emissions and smog were running rampant, which barred the Carrera RS from being imported into the country. Due to not having any equipment that restricted emissions it was solely a European road-race car at the beginning of its life.

The EPA did eventually reduce these restrictions, allowing the Carrera RS to be united with fans around the United States. Porsche did not stop with the 2.7 RS, instead they continued to evolve the model around what made the 2.7 Carrera RS so strikingly successful not only in performance but also in aesthetics. From the 3.0 Carrera RS to the 964 RS, RS America, to the GT RS models.

Grand Prix White w/ Green 1973 911 Carrera RS 2.7 VIN # 9113600505 / Chassis # 0505 & Carrera White w/ Green 2011 911 GT3RS VIN # WP0AC2A97BS783233

Meet the (almost) twins! This 2.7L 1973 911 Carrera RS in Grand Prix White w/ green (color code 232312) equipped with engine # 6630530 and transmission #7830493 was a rare example with a black headliner. Out of West Germany, country code 113, this RS was shipped with the following options: heated rear-window, two-stage, tinted (102), sportseats, left and right (409), iodine fog lights, yellow, above bumper (434), retractable antenna, left, and loudspeaker (440).

The Carrera White w/ Green 2011 911 GT3RS is also a very special RS model. The optional change in the rear LED taillights to incorporate more white, nor the 3.8L engine it is equipped with, nor the dashing interior installed within it, are reasons why this GT3RS model is so eye-catching. Although they definitely do add onto it, the really interesting fact about this GT3RS is that it is the only one, I know of at least, that was factory equipped with Carrera RS-style side stripes. As you may know the factory originally equipped these models with the checkered-flag style side decal on the rockers, whereas the 1973 and 1974 Carrera RS had the 'Carrera' side decals that ran along the rocker and wrapped ever so slightly up the rear flare. Without further adieu, some eye-candy to look at!