1971 Porsche 911 Targa Sportomatic


Porsche Sportomatic

The Sportomatic transmission was introduced in Zuffenhausen in 1967. Based on the type 905, the Sportomatic transmission was an efficient and effective vacuum-operated single-disc dry clutch. Despite not technically being an automatic transmission, it allowed drivers to easily change gears by simply pulling the shift lever through the typical H-pattern. 


The flywheel was replaced by a torque converter and allowed a smooth transition through the transmission's gears. This torque converter also allowed the car to remain stationary when the clutch was engaged. Simply grabbing the shift lever would disengage the clutch, re-engaging as soon as the shift lever was released. In addition to this the torque converter also served as a torque multiplier, which allowed the driver to pull away in any of their four gears.


Signal Orange 1971 911 Targa Sportomatic Chassis #2370 / VIN #9111112370

A recent addition to the collection, this one owner 1971 Targa Sportomatic has only 32,820 original miles on it. The tool-kit and jack, service and maintenance manual, owner's manual and other accessories are all apparent and complete. There were only 228 examples of a US delivery 1971 911 Targa Sportomatic, making this car quite the collectible.