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1947 Beetle Model 11

October 16, 2013

Our Beetle is a Model 11 VW Sedan VIN # 1-071 402 with a build date of November 24th 1947 with 25 horsepower.

It left the factory December 4th 1947 and was delivered to the US-Army Exchange Service, Frankfurt/Main. At some point while in Germany the engine was blown up. The car went back to the factory service center for a replacement engine. At that time the tunnel was re-stamped with an additional number showing that it was repaired.

After being used by the army it was sold to a US soldier from Colorado who took it home with him. He only used the car on a limited summertime basis for several decades, eventually he traded the Beetle in to a local VW dealer.

The car was then purchased by a dealer salesman who then owned the car for a long period of time before he sold the car to Richard Hartel also from Colorado. In 2012 the car was purchased by current Aase Sales owner Ron Thomas

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