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(New) 911 Brake Maintenance DVD - 1965-89

Product Description:

Yellow Cap Garage has created a comprehensive Porsche 911 Brake Maintenance DVD for both the first time mechanic and the seasoned veteran wanting to do brake maintenance on the 1965-1989 series 911.

Unlike most videos and do-it-yourself manuals, this DVD shows you every step of the whole process; all sequences shown in this video are completed on an actual car and not on a bench! 

This DVD will step you through the following sequences:

  • Tools required to do the job
  • Parts needed, including actual Porsche part numbers
  • Discussion of solvents and equipment that will make the job easier
  • Proper jacking techniques
  • Proper tire removal and replacement
  • Discussion on when to replace brake pads
  • Diagram and discussion on the overall 911 brake system
  • Replacing brake pads on all 4 calipers
  • Replacing rotors
  • Inspection of rear brake shoes
  • Diagram and discussion on adjusting the emergency brake
  • Discussion on 3 techniques for bleeding the brakes
  • Setup and process for bleeding all 4 calipers
  • Closing tips on maintaining your brake system.


911, 1965-89

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