(New) 993 Tune-Up DVD - 1994-98

Product Description:

This 993 Tune-Up DVD features Robin Sun & Chris Walrod of www.p-car.com fame! This DVD shows you every step of the process. All sequences shown in this DVD are completed on an actual car and not on a bench or engine stand.

This DVD will step you through the following sequences:

  • Tools required to do Tune-Up maintenance & where to buy specialty tools
  • Parts required to do Tune-Up maintenance w/actual Porsche part no.(s)
  • Safety tips & helpful hints on how to lift a 993
  • How to create access to both left/right side of car as well as underneath the car in order to perform service
  • How to drain oil tank & replace filter
  • How to drain crankcase oil & replace filter
  • How to remove/install (12) sparkplugs & (2) distributor caps/rotors
  • How to remove/install (2) V-belts & A/C belt
  • How to remove/install (2) pollen filters
  • How to replace valve cover gaskets
  • How to replace flush brake system
  • How to add oil correctly to the car without creating a mess!
  • Closing tips to assure the job is right and complete
  • Run time: 2.5 Hours.


993, 1994-98

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