(New) 356 Pre-A 12v Complete USA LED Car Update Kit - 1953-55

Product Description:

New bundle 12 volt LED light set for USA-spec 356 Pre-A models.

Save money on this bundle and upgrade your 356 all at once! Night and day difference at a fraction of the energy needed. Reduce your load by over 70%.

These LED sets include the following lights specific to the USA-spec 1953 to 1955 Pre-A 356:

    • 2 warm white headlights (direct replacement for a sealed beam)
    • 2 front turn signals
    • 10 instrument lights (all illumination bulbs in a warm white LED as well as color LEDs for all the check lights)
    • 1 dome light (early style, above the windshield)
    • 4 tail/brake/turn signal lights (turn signals and tail lights combined, brake lights in their separate beehive)
    • 2 license plate lights (shine down)
    • 1 reverse light
    • 1 flasher relay for proper operation of turn signals

These LED lights are plug & play with no modifications necessary!

Includes a two-year warranty.


356 Pre-A USA-spec, 1953-55

Product Number:

VIN 901 050 12