(New) 356 6v Vintage White LED Headlights - 1950-65

Product Description:

New vintage look white LED headlight pair for your 6 volt 356 Pre-A, A, B and C models.

Vintage white plug and play LED headlamps. Drop-in replacement for 7 inch sealed beam headlamp for the 356. Incredible difference compared to stock sealed beams or H4. Modern car lighting in your 6v Porsche 356 without the cold-white color! They look just like stock on and off.

These LEDs have an excellent wide beam pattern with a razor sharp low beam cutoff. A useful high beam and a 70% reduction in draw on your charging system to boot.

Meets global EC and ROHS certification standards please check your local regulations.

Looking for Euro 6v P45t LEDs? See here.


356 Pre-A, 1950-55

356 A, 1956-59

356 B, 1960-63

356 C/SC, 1964-65

Product Number:

VIN 901 161 06