(New) Black Vitaloni Concept V Mirror w/ Flat Lens

Product Description:

The Turbo Concept V mirror from Vitaloni takes its styling cues from recent Italian supercars. It adds an aggressive, modern look to any vehicle.

The bold aerodynamic shape features an unusual "twin keel" stem that echoes the shape of Formula 1 front wing supports. The very flexible joint at the mounting base allows adjustment for a wide range of setups. The joint is spring-loaded, so you can adjust it on the fly. The joint is also centered on the side of the mirror, which makes the Concept V reversible for right or left side mounting. You can purchase just one spare to cover both sides of the car. Sold individually, black only. The flat glass lens has a slight blue tint to reduce glare. Oval lens measures approximately 3 7/8" tall x 5 3/4" wide.



Product Number:


5170 003