(New) 356 Carrera Ignition System Kit - 1954-65

Product Description:

This Carrera ignition-system is an invisible fully programmable high power multi spark system. The system is programmed through Bluetooth, using your Smart-phone or tablet.

The total curve is adjustable per 100 revs and a rev-limit and an immobilizer can be programmed as well.

One of both distributors gives the signal to the multi-spark ignition module. This module enhances the signal and transforms it into a double multi-spark signal that is passed on to both high power ignition coils. The second distributor is only used to send the spark to the second spark plug.

Pointless ignition obviously gets rid of all mechanical imperfections/ adjusting that is common with using points. But by using just 1 signal to create sparks in all cylinders at the exact same point in time, one only needs to adjust one distributor and there is no longer need for synchronizing both distributors.

Because of the use of the high performance multi spark there is significantly less change of miss-fire at low revs resulting in a better and more complete burning of the mixture/ less unburned particles and less change on oilling up the spark plug.
Even at higher revs the advantages of the system will result in a better and completer burning of the mixture.

The system consists of:

  • 1 complete distributor with electronics ( giving the signal )
  • 1 complete distributor without electronics
  • 1 Avalanche multi-spark ignition-module
  • 2 speciale high performance Bosch ignition coils
  • 1 operation manual in English.

It is a plug and play system, the original distributors can be locked away in the safe. The module is very small and can be stored out of sight easily, the length of the wires allow for storage inside the car if needed.


356 Carrera, 1954-65

Product Number:

692 602 201 00