(New) Replica 1974 RSR Center Lock Wheels Set of Four

Product Description:

New Replica 1974 RSR centerlock wheel set of four.

Wheels will arrive in a painted black-satin color as pictured. Professional black powder-coating services are available for an additional $1,389.00. Please see images marked 'powder-coated' to see the difference - it is quite stark in person!

The price is for the complete set of four CNC-machined alloy wheels.

Front Rim: 15 x 10.5 inch wide, ~8.55kg
Back-spacing: 4.88 inches
Rear Rim: 15 x 14 inch wide, ~9.7kg
Back-spacing: 5.28 inches
Front tire size 11.0" x 23.5" x 15"
Rear  tire size 13.0" x 25" x 15"

 Customer quotes:

"Wheels arrived all OK, they look great by the way."


911 RSR, 1974-77

Legal Disclaimer Statement:
These wheels are not street legal nor are certified under federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations. Vehicles that are not street legal or certified under federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations are neither intended nor certified for use on public roads. These wheels are not designed or tested for crash-worthiness or to meet the safety needs of the motoring public. Instead, these wheels are designed and intended for race vehicles on race tracks with engineers supervising the installation and use of the wheels to ensure that the safety needs of the race driver are met. Aase Sales LLC is not liable for any possible outcomes from the use or misuse of these wheels.