(New) Targa Top Restoration / Reconditioning Services

Product Description:

Targa top in rough shape after years of use and storage? We can help restore and recondition your Targa top to the original, pristine factory condition it was once in.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Top recovering

Arm replacement

Rain gutter replacement

Seal replacement

Latch replacement

Please contact us via e-mail at sales@aasesales.com or via telephone at 740-503-3651 to work out a pricing structure. Prices vary depending on which services are desired.

See pictures for an illustration of these services. First series of pictures are a 76 Targa top, second series is an all original 71 Sportamatic Targa, 3rd series is a 964 Targa, 4th series is a 82 Targa . All tops were done in house here at Aase Sales.