(New) Bosch Twin Plug Cap and Rotor Set

Product Description:

New perfect reproduction of the Bosch-style twin-plug caps and rotors for Porsche models with Bosch twin-plug systems.

These were incorporated originally in models such as the 906, 911 R, 2.7L RS, 2.8/3.0L RSR, 934, 935 and more...

  • Better finishing inside the caps and rotor.
  • Air holes for ventilation.
  • Special captive bolt from SS steel.
  • An improved alignment , fit (cap-rotor) and performance.
  • The Captive bolts will not fall out.

    Please note this is a special-order item from Germany and may take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive in.

    14.2mm shaft diameter is available for additional $50.00, please use the drop-down menu in this instance.


    Bosch twin plug systems