(New) 914 Racing Shift Rod Conversion Bushing - 1970-72

Product Description:

New racing shift rod bushings specifically designed for 914 models.

For those who have converted the old style tail shifter to the newer style side shifter. CNC designed and machined, made of Delrin to withstand harsh racing conditions.

Comes with 3 self-tapping screws for easy installation, can also be attached with rivets. It's a great replacement part for your 914 and solves several issues:

1) Long lasting material than stock

2) It's self centering

3) It's easy to install

If somewhere down the road you need to replace it, remove the screws or rivets, slip the bushing off the shifter rod, replace it with a new one, reattach with screws or rivets and you're done!

No need to remove and re-install the shift rod linkage.


914, 1970-72

Product Number:

914 424 224 00