(New) 911/912/914/930 Door Panel Welt / Beading - 1969-94

Product Description:

New beading for door panels in 911, 912, 914 and 930 models.

7 foot length of black trim welting/bead for the leading and trailing edges of your door panels on your 1969-1994 911 / 912e / 930 Porsche.

We have door panels for the above cars and our customers kept asking for this stuff, so we had it made. It is an exact duplicate of the trim the factory uses.

Packaged in 7ft lengths, this is enough for 2 doors.

Some of our customers are also using this as trim for C2 rocker covers and Turbo tails. 


911/912/914/930, 1969-94

Product Number:

911 531 889 05