(New) 911 RSR Trailing Arm Pair

Product Description:

New pair of 911 RSR Trailing Arms. 

These are exact reproductions of the original trailing arms with large bearing hub to incorporate the larger RSR wheel bearings. 

These trailing arms are shorter than factory standard trailing arms, per OEM specification. In order to be fit to the RSR, one must modify mount/pick-up points.

Coil over shock mounts. 

The tab for the brake caliper is zip tied to the arm. It mounts on the rear of the arm for a rear caliper mount, it should be welded on once the rotor thickness, hat size/depth and caliper used is determined etc. All should be fitted on the trailing arm then the caliper mount welded in place. Caliper placement varies depending on all the prior items listed.

Refundable core charge of $1,000.00 included in price. Upon receiving usable cores you will be refunded $1,000.00

Rear wheel bearing is found here.

Product Number:

*for reference only

901 331 215 12




Legal Disclaimer Statement:
These trailing arms are not street legal nor are certified under federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations. Vehicles that are not street legal or certified under federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations are neither intended nor certified for use on public roads. These trailing arms are not designed or tested for crash-worthiness or to meet the safety needs of the motoring public. Instead, these trailing arms are designed and intended for race vehicles on race tracks with engineers supervising the installation and use of the parts to ensure that the safety needs of the race driver are met. Aase Sales LLC is not liable for any possible outcomes from the use or misuse of these trailing arms.