(New) 12V Dry Cell Battery and Strap

Product Description:

Tired of your old battery going dead?

Try our 12V dry-cell battery weighing only 13 lbs, it is much better to have in your Porsche than a regular 30lb battery. Good strong cranking amps, No toxic acid or toxic fumes, No leaking therefore body stays in shape no rust or corrosion. 

Battery must maintain at least 10.5 V or the battery will become damaged and the warranty voided.

Includes hold down bracket and bolt, Bolts to existing body holes.

Lighten up your road car, hot rod or race car by removing the heavy 40 lb battery and replacing it with our 13.5 lb Battery. Avoid leaking acid, out gassing of acid fumes, trunk carpet damage, corrosion and rust. This battery produces more power per pound than any battery on the market. It has the cranking power of wet cell batteries three times its size! This is due to the extremely low internal resistance which allows faster, more consistent starting. The Battery does not have a cold cranking amp rating like other batteries, but has been tested to crank engines with compression ratios as high as 15:1. The reserve capacity of the Battery is 16 Amp Hours. This is a completely dry cell and can withstand the rigors of high performance and racing environments. It is built with corrosion resistant terminals and is truly maintenance free. The Battery has an excellent storage life and recharges very quickly. Any 12 volt charger can be used to recharge it but a low amperage battery charger/maintainer, is recommended to avoid overcharging the battery.