(New) 356 Black Leather Key Pouch - 1950-65

Product Description:

New genuine Porsche black fob leather key pouches for 356 models.

Back then, the key pouch was made in the same color as the interior and was attached to the vehicle key during vehicle handover. The pouch is based on original templates and is made 100% in Germany by hand in over 20 steps. The process is based on extensive research of the historical company archives of Reutter and Porsche.

Inside the pouch, a gold-plated chain runs through an opening at the top and bottom of the pouch. Attached to the chain is a gold-plated split ring for securing the key and a soldered metal loop on the other side. The inside of the pouch has a smooth leather lining. The pouch features a Porsche Crest in the center on the front and a Reutter Crest in the centeron the back.


356, 1950-65

Product Number:

PCG 044 200 00 1AJ