(New) Black Vitaloni Sebring Mach I Mirror w/ Flat Lens

Product Description:

The Sebring Mach 1 by Vitaloni is a classic, teardrop-shaped mirror suitable for a wide range of applications.

These classic flat-bottomed, teardrop-shaped black mirrors can be mounted directly on a fender or on a raised platform, as on many Can-Am and other sports racers (including the original SCCA Spec Racer design). Porsche mounted the Mach I directly to the door on the 911RSR.

The same mirror can be used for right or left side use. This allows you to purchase just one spare to cover both sides of the car. The flat mirror lens is mounted on a ball socket within the black plastic housing, so it can be manually adjusted. Lens measures 3" high in the center x 5" wide at the widest point. Sold individually.

We also offer the Vitaloni Sebring Mach I Mirror with Convex Lens that can be found here.



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