(New) 908/917 Beautifully Handmade Balsa Shift Knob

Product Description:

Porsche used a wooden shift knob for some of its race cars, the 908 and the 917. The natural contrast is obtained from the 90 degree rotation of the laminations when the wood is assembled before turning. Made with power tools (lathe, thickness sander), NO CNC machines, so every knob is unique.

These knobs are grain-matched and cross-grain assembled unlike mostly all other knobs on the market! This provides great knob strength, it will never crack.

The knobs have a metal insert, which allows anyone to use the original crush sleeve, and install the knob with ease. This means the bore will not stretch like other knobs on the market that use no sleeve! The finish is rubbed oil, then a preservator's wax, then it's polished; much like a fine shotgun's stock.

Truly a work of art! Set your Porsche apart from others with one of these knobs.





930 **not G50** 

Product Number:

917 424 069 04