(New) 911/912/930 Engine Lid Bump Stop - 1965-89

Product Description:

New engine hood stop for 911, 912 and 930 models.

Our Engine Hood Stop is manufactured from billet aluminum in a brushed finish. This product solves the problem of worn out engine lid shocks. Once installed, there is no more need to replace shocks, and you can even eliminate them. Most race cars eliminate shocks for weight and use a stick to hold up their engine lid. With our product, the engine lid is held up using only a couple of ounces of weight, and it fits either hinge. Installation takes only drilling a ¼” hole in the hinge and attaching with the supplied nut, bolt and washers. Free shipping within the continental United States.

  • New & Unique Design
  • Lightweight material
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy to Install
  • Great addition to race cars
  • Saves Money-never replace your engine lid shocks again


911, 1965-89

912, 1965-69

912 E, 1976

911 930, 1975-77

Product Number:

911 511 331 01