(New) 914 Front Trunk German Perlon Carpet Set - 1970-76

Product Description:

New front trunk carpet set for 914 models.

Front trunk felt carpet kit in OEM German match dark charcoal felt designed for all 914 models
Both pieces are included, not just the lower half. Also included is the integrated stiffening board, just like your original set. Many of our competitors do not provide the reinforcement board, they merely send you some felt that needs to be glued around your existing reinforcing panel. In most cases your original board is so badly warped and can not be reused. We provide the piece and do the work for you!
We have this material custom made thousands of yards at a time to match the Latex backed Perlon the factory used. 
This is not the lighter charcoal felt used by many of our competitors.  
914, 1970-76
Product Number:
911 551 029 12