(New) 911 10W-60 Classic Motor Oil

Product Description:

Starting from the 3.0-litre engine with dry-sump lubrication, the flat-six engines of the 911 are more suited to fully synthetic oils. They allow air-cooled engines to reap all the benefits of technological advances in oils. Porsche Classic's 10W-60 version is an absolute ultra-high-performance oil. Its viscosity guarantees optimum lubrication behaviour, both during cold starts and in a hot engine at full throttle. The fully synthetic PAO-based (polyalphaolefin) oil also has excellent properties in terms of evaporation loss, HTHS and shear stability. Anyone venturing onto a race track in a 911 would also be well advised to use the 10W-60 oil, since it cares for and cleans the engine. For example, the additives ensure that the flow of oil reliably transports particles and contaminants to the oil filter.


All air-cooled models 3.0 L and larger

Product Number:

000 043 209 30