(New) 1 Gallon Oil and Grease Cleaner

Product Description:

Do oil spots on your driveway drive you nuts? Me too. Spray this cleaner on the spot, let it sit and rinse the spot away. The stain is gone! It naturally breaks down and cleans oil and grease from most surfaces and materials. Perfect on any water-safe surface. This cleaner has no harmful VOC's, has a neutral pH and has no petroleum based ingredients. With alkaline cleaners you risk bleaching, fading and damage not to mention the hazardous risks to your health and the environment. This is a perfect pre-cleaner for your garage floor before you paint it with our Non-Lifting Floor Paint. Also great for engine compartments, pressure washers and clothing (yes, just spot treat oil stained clothes before you throw them in the wash). Great around the home too. Do yourself and the environment a favor while eliminating oil and grease spots.