(New) 6oz Heavy Duty Metal Polish

Product Description:

Heavy-Duty Metal Polish is the go-to polish for bringing back the brilliant shine to old, tarnished aluminum and magnesium finishes. This polish is safe and effective on non-clearcoated aluminum, steel, magnesium, stainless steel, Plexiglas®, plastic, and acrylic surfaces! This polish is silicone free and water soluble making it easy to rinse off after use. Achieve amazing results when used by hand or with our Random Orbital. Conforms to commercial aviation requirements. Ever tried to polish a nine year old oxidized magnesium Indy Car wheel? That's exactly what I did just to prove the effectiveness of this amazing polish... In fact, our friends at J&L Fabricating tell me it's the best polish available for the aluminum tubs on the race cars they build. 6 ounces.