(New) 8oz Plastic Cleaner and Polish

Product Description:

Your vehicle is filled with plastic parts. Restore scratched plastic to its original brilliance. Perfect on tail lights, headlight covers, instrument gauges, and convertible top windows. Most of today's interior trim is also plastic. Ideal for motorcycle windshields, turn signals and helmet visors as well. Perfect for bringing damaged CDs and DVDs back to life. Plastic Cleaner is safe on plastic parts. Plastic Polish will remove minor scratches. For serious scratches in hard plastic (Lexan® and other polycarbonates), I've found that it's better just to polish the area three to four times with Plastic Polish. Still having trouble getting rid of a cloudy surface? Try our Metal Polish and use our Metal Polish Pads or Orange Foam Correcting Pads. Save some money with our Plastic Care Kit. It comes with 4 Cotton Polishing Pads, ten 100% Cotton Buffing Cloths, 8 ounce Plastic Polish, and 8 ounce Plastic Cleaner.