(New) 911/912/930 Pair of Red or Black Front Non-Retractable Seat Belts - 1965-93

Product Description:

New excellent production pair of front seat belt for 911, 912 and 930 models.

Seat belts are delivered with fitting instructions and a comprehensive installation kit (bolts, nuts, washers brackets, etc…) to cover the different models for which they were originally designed. Thread of the anchorage bolts is the standard 7/16’’ UNF used in the automotive industry since the 60s.

These seat belts are available with short 15 cm buckle connection (for Recaro comfort seats 65-73) and long 30 cm buckle connection (for some later Porsche 911 models). Please verify required buckle connection in your car before ordering.

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911, 1965-93

912, 1965-69

912 E, 1976

911 930 Turbo, 1975-77

Product Number:

**for reference purposes only**

901 803 237 20