(New) 911 Carrera Monty Muffler M42 Dual Outlet - 1984-89

Product Description:

New dual outlet Monty mufflers for 911 Carrera models.

Single inlet, dual 75mm outlet, # M42.

  • These quality stainless steel mufflers for classic Porsches have been sold world-wide for over 50 years now.
  • Built to last, produced from 304 stainless steel.
  • Designed for improved power and gas flow.
  • Rich and melodious - full bodied sound.

These mufflers have been discontinued from Monty and will not be made again. One remaining and that is it, forever!


911 Carrera, 1984-89

Product Number:

*this part # is for the stock muffler and is for reference purposes only*

930 111 038 06