(New) 993 Secondary Air Injection Maintenance DVD - 1994-98

Product Description:

New do-it-yourself [DIY] SAI maintenance DVDs for your 993 model!

This DVD will step you through the following sequences:

  • Tools required to do SAI maintenance & where to buy specialty tools
  • Parts required to do SAI maintenance with actual Porsche part numbers
  • Safety tips & helpful hints on how to lift a 993
  • How to remove the airbox & mass air sensor to access SAI valve
  • How to remove SAI valve with specialty tools
  • How to remove heat exchangers to gain access to SAI ports
  • How to apply de-carbonizer/pressurized air to unclog (6) SAI ports
  • How to install new SAI valve
  • How to reassemble airbox/mass airflow sensor/heat exchangers
  • Closing tips to assure the job is right & complete
  • Running time: 1.1 hours

Required Parts List [used with this SAI DVD]:

Optional Parts List:

Specialty Tools Needed:


993, 1994-98

Product Number: