(New) 917 Handmade Mahogany Shift Knob w/ Laser Engraved 5-Speed 915 Shift Pattern - 1972-86

Product Description:

Porsche used a wooden shift knob for some of its race cars, the 908 and the 917. The natural contrast is obtained from the 90 degree rotation of the laminations when the wood is assembled before turning. Made with power tools (lathe, thickness sander), NO CNC machines, so every knob is unique.

The knobs have a metal insert, which allows anyone to use the original crush sleeve, and install the knob with ease. The finish is rubbed oil, then a preservator's wax, then it's polished; much like a fine shotgun's stock.

Knobs are held on a jig and laser engraved with the 5-speed 915 shift pattern used on 1974 to 1986 transmissions. 49mm


911/930, 1972-86

Product Number:

917 424 069 01