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1973 911S Coupe Italian Delivery


1973 Model Year

The 911 series continued to evolve, larger engines and a continued ease to drive and operate allowed Porsche to stay ahead of the automotive curve. By 1973 the 911 series line-up in the United States consisted of the T, E and S models, harnessed with a bhp of 130, 165 and 190 respectively. These 2.4L models were also equipped with the newly designed 915 transmission, based off of the transmission in the 908 model.


Also added to the 911S models were discrete spoilers underneath the bumper to improve aerodynamic qualities at high speeds. With these cars roughly weighing only 2,315 lbs they were often regarded as the best classic main-stream 911. Not only was the model sleek in that it kept true to what originally built the 911 icon, it was also furiously fast. It is no wonder that the 1973 911S model is one of the most sought after classic 911s.


Bahia Red 1973 911S Coupe Chassis #627 / VIN #9113300627

One of the original additions to the collection, this Italian delivery 911S has a stunning 25,800 original miles on it. Equipped with a 85L fuel tank and hounds-tooth interior seats this S model is not only sporty but also lavishly equipped. It takes no real effort to realize the pinnacle Porsche reached with the release of the 1973 911S.