1966 911 Coupe Restoration

August 05, 2014

This 911 coupe, manufactured originally in the year of 1966, is being restored to concours d'elegance quality! Follow along and check back frequently to see more updated pictures of the restoration process.

8-5-14: The Beginning

4-3-15: Welding Update

6-1-15: Repairs and Welding

8-13-15: Repairs, Welding and TONS of Bodywork

2-16-16: Metal Bodywork is Done!

07-23-17: More Prep - Beautiful Primer

Irish Green incoming!

Look at her shine!

01-19-19: Engine up and Running!

02-18-19: Engine Arrived!
03-14-2019: Beautiful Chrome Work!
02-06-2023: Engine going in...